Rivan was born into a gaming family and has been both playing and creating games since a very young age. He started using a computer before he could talk. He has designed tabletop role playing systems, as well as computer games. His favorite past time is to talk about new game ideas and game mechanics of existing games, and to figure out how to make them better. He has written design documents for single player games, multiplayer games, and massively multiplayer games. He most especially likes space games but also plays fantasy, apocalyptic, and simulation genres as well. He plays MMORPG, MOBA, RTS, Sandbox, Simulation, and occasionally FPS games. He pulls from this wide range of gaming experiences to create new and exciting game ideas.


Silvergarde is a fantasy themed cooperative role playing card game. A full set of polyhedral dice, game markers and the complex card deck are all used in playing Silvergarde. You can find out more about it on the Silvergarde website. http://silvergardegame.com


Cosmetry won an award at CGDC 2018. Cosmetry is a VR game set in an open world that is intended for multiplayer interaction. In the game the player uses the handset to draw specific designs in the air which glow and become like a magic spell that can perform different actions. One design might create a wall, while another design might shoot a projectile at an opponent or monster. Rivan does not have corporate funding for his game, so progress has been slow as he balances work on the game project with everything else going on in his life. Cosmetry is still in development. You can visit the Cosmetry website at http://www.cosmetrygame.com/ to learn a little more about it.

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